Don’t Die with the Music Still Inside You

I was so inspired after watching an interview with Oprah at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  You can watch it on YouTube at  I loved her message that we all have a purpose here on earth and that our lives will naturally pull us towards our calling.  I’ve created this image with a quote from Wayne Dyer that reminds me that we all have a unique song to sing in this world…and that I want to sing out loud in the time that I have left to make a difference…

Karin Matthews Seattle Therapist


About Karin Matthews

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Upper Queen Anne Seattle. I love supporting women move through the various stages of their life journey. I am particularly passionate about helping women transition into and through their experience of motherhood. My husband and I support couples who are looking for ways to reconnect with each other and strengthen their relationship.
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