Seattle Earthquake Awareness – Impact on Queen Anne

I have lived in Vancouver, BC for most of my life and I’ve been in pretty heavy denial about the possible realities of an earthquake.  In July, the New Yorker magazine did an article on the science behind the fact that we are overdue for “The Big One” in this region:

Reading this as a Mom shifted me from denial into action.  On September 16, a major quake hit Chile and I started researching more about how the city of Seattle was examining earthquake preparedness…  I was pretty alarmed to see how my neighborhood, Queen Anne, might fare.

If you are up for more info, here’s a link to the Seattle Office of Emergency Management document on Earthquakes:

Here’s the image from that document that shows the liquefaction prone areas in Seattle:

Seattle Liquefaction

Here’s a link to a study on potential landslides on Queen Anne (which I imagine become a more likely scenario during a major earthquake):

As you can see, pretty large parts of Queen Anne are at risk of liquefaction or landslides.  I imagine that when “The Big One” hits, our neighborhood will be pretty intensely impacted.  As such, I’ve been busy trying to prepare emergency kits at home and for my car.  I’ve been reading a lot about how important it is to also have a neighborhood plan so that we can help each other. (CPR and First Aid training is such a good idea.)  Apparently, because of the way our transportation infrastructure is built, if there is a major MAJOR quake, it may be 7-10 days before we can get help in since so much of Seattle relays on highways and bridges to move people and goods.  As such, I’ve realized that I need to give more thought as to how we are going to deal with the potential need to survive for a longer period of time with a very demanding (but adorable) little toddler.   (Stocking up diapers…getting some cloth diapers in case we run out…water and food strategies…first aid…etc…)

I’ll be blogging more on how to prepare in the near future.



About Karin Matthews

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Upper Queen Anne Seattle. I love supporting women move through the various stages of their life journey. I am particularly passionate about helping women transition into and through their experience of motherhood. My husband and I support couples who are looking for ways to reconnect with each other and strengthen their relationship.
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