About Karin

Karin Matthews Seattle Asian TherapistRalph Waldo Emerson once said, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.” I believe that the diversity of my life experience helps me support my clients more effectively.  I have lived and worked in many different environments. I was born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada when I was an infant. Before earning my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, I completed an undergraduate degree in International Relations and English Literature and a combined law degree and master’s degree focused on international law. I have lived in Singapore, Taipei, Beijing, Bangkok and Maastricht (Netherlands). I have worked in the fields of law, international relations, business, technology, marketing, real estate sales and education.

Having lived through my own experiences of pain and healing, I have easier access to deeper levels of empathy and compassion for my clients as they face their own challenges. I know the discomfort of being in the unknown during life transitions. I know the heartbreak of separation and divorce. I know the intensity of grief over the sudden death of a loved one. I know how challenging the adjustment to motherhood can be. I feel deeply honored to be able to support my clients as they heal and grow.

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“Karin is a kind and enthusiastic therapist. What strikes me most is her ability to pick up on issues from small details or a seemingly irrelevant story.  She helped me see my self-esteem and self-worth issues from a different angle and helped me to explore some of the reasons why I have these issues. Her demeanor was always professional, and I never felt judged. Her diversity in training as well as spiritual background really made her an excellent fit for me. I highly recommend Karin as a therapist.”


“Karin is helping me to change my life in a meaningful and lasting way. She has given me tools and ensured that I know how to use them. With Karin there is action, not just talking. I feel as though I’m working through my issues instead of just rehashing them.”