working-1219889_1920 woman reading paper in library - no attribution required.jpgAre you feeling intense levels of stress and anxiety?

Is it hard for you to leave work at the office?

Are you starting to wondering whether the law is the right calling for you?

I can help.

It can be incredibly supportive to have a safe space to talk about the demands of your career with a therapist who understands the stress you are facing.  I have practiced in a large firm, small firm and in-house.  In my own journey, it was invaluable to me to have my own personal therapy with counselors who were also lawyers and understood my challenges at a deeper level.


Lawyers Assistance Program (Washington)

The Lawyers Assistance Program (LAP) promotes the health and well-being of WSBA members. LAP offers job search groups and consultations; educational programming on attorney self-care and mental health; web resources; trainings for Peer Advisors; and support for those concerned about an attorney.

Mother Attorneys Mentoring Association (MAMA Seattle)

MAMA Seattle is a source of support for attorney mothers.  Their focus is on empowering attorney mothers and encouraging success as both attorneys and mothers.

Washington Women Lawyers

Washington Women Lawyers is committed to the full integration of women in the legal profession, to promote equal rights and opportunities and to prevent discrimination against women.  Among other things, they offer networking opportunities and CLEs with fellow women lawyers in Washington State.