Asian Americans

watercolor-portrait-1050723_1920 - Little girl drawing - Pixabay no attribution.jpgAre you driven to constantly succeed in order to avoid shaming your family?

Do you feel empty inside wondering whether there is more to life?

Are you a recovering “Tiger Cub”?

I can help.

As a product of “tiger” parenting, I understand the pressures that are typical in Asian families.  My deep wish is to help my clients heal from the pain of feeling like they were only rewarded for high performance.  I help clients develop a stronger internal sense of self love and self appreciation in order to live more fully and congruently.

It is a great honor to support people of color, particularly of Asian descent, to thrive in a world where there is often systemic pressure working against personal success and happiness.  Growing up in an Asian context, I was always told not to show negative aspects of myself or my family to the outside world.  I was not surprised to learn that Asian Americans are three times less likely to look for help for their emotional mental health issues (American Psychological Association).  This is deeply concerning since suicide is the 8th leading cause of death for Asian Americans.  U.S. born Asian American women have a higher lifetime rate of suicidal thoughts that the general population (Asian American Psychological Association).  Help exists.  I offer a place where all of you is welcome.


It is possible to explore a happier and more fulfilling way to live life fully.  Sometimes it helps to have someone to walk that path with you so that you do not feel so alone.  It can help to reach out for the confidential support of a therapist.


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The Asian American Health Initiative has a helpful page with resources including:

“Mental Health Photo Novel: Understanding is the First Step” available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Hindi.

“Let’s Talk About Mental Health Video” available in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Hindi.