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Have you grown up with the message that sex is bad or sinful?

Do you have sense of shame around your body or your sexuality?

Do you have a hard time accessing your full sexual potential?

You are not alone.

Contemporary culture is confusing in that we are constantly bombarded with images of sex while simultaneously lacking a safe space for personal exploration, understanding and comfort with our own sexuality.  Commercial images of unrealistic body ideals abound which increases the likelihood of developing a deeper sense of inadequacy and shame around our true human selves.

Our sexuality is an essential part of who we are.  Our ability to experience our own sexual pleasure is a birthright.

Check out the Sexuality Resources page for some self-help suggestions on how to learn more about your own sexuality and embrace the fullness of who you are.

Check out the Seattle Sex Therapist Directory page for a list of sex positive mental health providers that have additional training to assist you in your journey towards greater sexual health.